Stop customers in their tracks with easy-to-use retail digital signage.

With Skykit, you can deliver content in near-real time to any screen, any store, anywhere. Use your phone to show on-demand content to customers in store or distribute promotions across all locations. Since it’s born in the cloud, Skykit is scalable to any number of stores.

Instant Publishing

Store managers, regional managers or HQ can push content to one screen or thousands across multiple store locations with the click of a button. With the Skykit CMS, you can manage, upload and publish promotional content from any device with an internet connection.

Automated Variety

Switching up your sale based on inventory? Skykit lets you change things up at any time, from almost anywhere. With comprehensive targeted and automated scheduling, you can distribute content down to the store, region or designated market area (DMA) level.

Seamless Playback.

Give customers a consistent shopping experience. Skykit caches and stores content internally, so if you have a slow network or lose your internet connection, customers won’t see blank screens or error messages — your content will keep playing offline.

Born in the cloud. Powered by Google.

Skykit integrates with Google Apps, so you can create content for your retail store with the tools you already know and love. Use Chrome devices to connect with in-store TVs and turn them into digital displays. And since it’s Chrome, it’s easy to centrally manage and provision all your devices across locations.

Engage with customers.

Increase sales, customer satisfaction and lifetime value with fresh content, promotions or vendor advertising. Skykit helps you use detailed analytics and powerful admin tools to collaborate on content, so it’s always relevant to each location and consistent with your brand.

Keep staff updated.

Share new protocol updates, training and announcements with your team — managers can add content specific to their store location, and HQ can control brand messaging and monitor what each location is displaying on its screens.

How could your store use digital signage?

Skykit digital signage software helps you stay on the cutting edge of buyer behavior and tailor your content based on real-world data.

Advertising Networks


Real-time inventory levels

Sales goals



Employee Engagement


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