Promote wellness & keep customers up-to-date with easy-to-use digital signage.

With Skykit, you can collaborate with your team to create content with the tools you already use, then distribute it almost instantly to any screen in any hospital or clinic.

Intuitive tools.

Get digital signage that your healthcare staff already knows how to use. Skykit runs on Google, so it’s easy to navigate and easy to create — just like Google. An intuitive user interface means you’ll get the hang of it quickly and easily.

Secure systems.

Content is stored and secured in the cloud. There’s no need to remember multiple logins — just sign in with your Google account and you’re ready to go. And with automatic updates, you’ve always got the most secure version.

Hands-off software.

Focus on patients and customers, not IT issues — Skykit automatically updates without you lifting a finger. That means hospitals and healthcare groups always have the latest software, and there’s nothing to install, update or patch ever.

Born in the cloud. Powered by Google.

Skykit integrates with Google Apps, so you can create wellness, safety and training content for your healthcare organization with the tools you already know and love. Use Chrome devices to connect with TVs in lobbies, cafeterias or hallways and turn them into digital displays. And since it’s Chrome, it’s easy to centrally manage and provision all your devices across hospital locations.

Content for patients.

Improve customers’ and patients’ experience with videos, schedules, wellness tips, registration or weather. Share fresh content in your lobbies, hospital cafeterias, waiting rooms, vending marketplaces or hallways.

Content for healthcare staff.

Keep employees and clinic staff informed with work calendars, training, safety information or weather warnings. You can even post compliance paperwork that would be a hassle to update.

How could your hospital use digital signage?

Skykit digital signage software helps your hospital, clinic or healthcare organization communicate with customers and staff across locations.






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Team updates

Wellness Tips


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