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Get additional benefits to support enterprise organizations on top of the Skykit Standard features. Publish infinite content with the security of Google and virtually no impact on IT.

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Feature Detail by Plan Type

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Content Management
Google-based authentication and sign-on
Offline play
Google Slides integration & auto-publish
PDF upload
Image upload
Video upload
Content feeds
Web capture
Web view
Dynamic display layouts
Content overlays
Code Bundle
Additional display layouts
Display Management
Display status notifications
Fallback action: display to sleep, play default media
Fallback action: switch input
Labels for display grouping
Power two displays with a single Skykit Player
Skykit Admin for user/display management
Custom support package
Proof of play reporting
Complete remote control of displays
Skykit service on dedicated cloud infrastructure
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I have complicated scheduling requirements for my dispersed offices in different time zones. Can I accomplish this through Skykit?

Yes. Skykit has robust time-blocking and programming capabilities. Using our Labels feature, Skykit Enterprise also allows for grouping of geographic areas, departments or content categories, so you can control the content sent to select digital signs and select Playlists.

Does Skykit offer device management for ChromeOS only?

Yes. We decided to integrate with Chrome Device Management because of its built-in security, how easy it is to centrally manage hundreds or thousands of devices, its small form factor and its low cost compared to other media players with similar enterprise-grade features.

Our company doesn’t use Google’s tools. Can we still use Skykit?

Yes. You create content in whatever tools and application you use today. The Skykit administrator at your company will be set up with one Google license. (Either a free Gmail or Business email is required to log in to Skykit.)

Does Skykit have pricing for schools and nonprofits?

Yes. We have special pricing for schools and nonprofits. Contact us for details.