Skykit Features

Manage Devices

Scales with your Needs

With powerful admin tools, hands-on training and no limit to the amount of data or the number of screens, Skykit works just as well for global corporations as small startups.

 Create & Edit Content
 Distribute to Any Display
 Manage Devices at Scale
Maintain enterprise-level view

Manage and track all of your locations, displays and users through a single Admin Console for an enterprise-level view of your digital signage.

Get status updates in real time

Automatically alert your admins in Skykit or via email when a display isn’t showing content or loses internet connection.

Control access across your organization

Powerful user permission tools let you give access to the right people for the job. Manage content, delegate, communicate and work together to create your digital signage all within Skykit.

Remotely control displays

Manage displays at scale using RS-232 Panel Control. Turn displays on or off, adjust the volume, or change input through Skykit Admin.

Proof of play reporting

Report across your digital signage network for a high-level view of what content was played across displays and how many times the content played.

Create fallback actions

Specify what you want your display to do when content is not playing: put your display to sleep, play default content or switch to live TV automatically.

Secure your data

The Skykit Player and Google Chrome OS automatically update without you lifting a finger. That means you’ve always got the most secure version of the software, and there’s nothing to install, update or patch ever.

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