Stay in Control

Push content to one screen or thousands with the click of a button. You’re in control. With the Skykit CMS, you can manage, upload and publish content from any device with an internet connection.

Run your content online or offline

Skykit caches and stores content on the player, so if you have a slow network or lose your internet connection, it’ll keep playing — no blank screens or error messages.

Distribute content to specific displays

Choose exactly which display, or pre-defined group of displays, to publish your content to, so the right audience is always in front of the right message at the right time.

Publish with the click of a button

Distribute content to one screen or thousands with the click of a button. Push edits, updates and additional content to your displays instantly.

Override content in real time using Tasks

Temporarily override content on all of your displays at once with time and date sensitive content like emergency broadcasts and automatically switch back to the previously scheduled content.

Schedule content changes ahead of time

Stay in control by scheduling exactly when and where content changes are published using Tasks.

Manage user updates with auto-publish

Allow users to edit your Google Slides display content without needing to give them access to the full Skykit Content Manager. By turning on Auto Publish, their updates will automatically distribute overnight without you having to go schedule every time they make an edit.

Plans & Pricing

Ready to push your content further?  We’ll get you set up with a plan that fits your business.


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