Skykit Features

Create & Edit Content

Easy-to-use Tools

Create and edit content with the tools you already use every day like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, and Google Slides. Upload images, presentations, video files and more right from your computer or access and collaborate in Google Drive, so there’s no need to start from scratch.

 Create & Edit Content
 Distribute to Any Display
 Manage Devices at Scale

Create & edit from any device

Edit your display content from the cloud — anytime, on any device, from anywhere.

Quickly access files in Google Drive

Your content is stored, managed and secured by Google, so it’s easy to navigate and edit — just sign in with your Google account and you’re ready to go.

Upload directly through your browser

Didn’t create the content using Google tools? No problem. You can export content from any program, like Adobe Photoshop, and upload to Skykit.

Embed your favorite file types

Create and edit content within the tools you already use every day. Or, embed existing PDFs, images, videos, web pages, or even HTML5 code.

Google Slides




Web View

Web Capture

Content Feeds

Code Bundle

Google Slides

Easily add your Google slides to the Skykit Content Manager.


Upload more than 10 video content file types, including MP4, WMV, MPEG & Quicktime.


Create images in the tools you already use like Photoshop and upload as a JPEG or PNG.


Export your content as a PDF and upload to Google Drive.

Web View

Display dynamic webpages, kiosk apps, live streaming events, YouTube videos, and RSS Feeds.

Web Capture

Show a screenshot of any webpage, and schedule the frequency for the content to automatically refresh.

Content Feeds

Incorporate weather, news, financial, or stock price data using our pre-built widgets customized based on your location, industry, and interests.

Code Bundles

Easily deploy custom apps or create interactive kiosks with HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

Customize your screen layouts

Layout your content exactly the way you want–landscape, portrait, single screen, split screen, or on a multi-screen wall–using our dynamic layouts that adjust to any display configuration.

  • Get custom layouts tailored to the exact specifications of your displays.

  • Layer the date, time, weather, or an image (logo) using overlays.

  • Create dramatic video walls by tiling your content across multiple screens.

  • Combine video, web feeds and audio on one screen at the same time.

  • Maximize your display space with multi-zoned layouts.

Plans & Pricing

Ready to push your content further? We’ll get you set up with a plan that fits your business.

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